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Hack(ing) School(ing)

A Hack Education Project

From July 2012: Jon Becker and Audrey Watters are pleased to announce a new project: Hack(ing) School(ing). The project and the process borrow liberally from 2010’s Hacking the Academy, which called for scholars to consider the ways in which digital culture and digital technologies were reshaping (and/or threatening to reshape) institutions of higher education. The Hack(ing) School(ing) project aims to look beyond "the academy," turning its eye to "the school."

Why "hack"? Consider the verb: To break in and break down. To cut to the core. To chop roughly. To subvert.

And (re)consider too what we mean by hacking "the academy," hacking "education,"" hacking "school" and hacking "schooling." Much like the verb "to hack,"" these nouns (and direct objects in that particular construction) have varied meanings that are worth cracking (hacking) open, decoding, reconsidering, and rebuilding.

"Hacking school" means something more than "adopting education technology" – even though the hacks and hackers and hacking likely come at the hands of new technologies, hardware, software, networks, Webs, nets, digitalia, algorithms, and applications.

Read Jon Becker's and Audrey Watters' blog posts introducing the project.

Project Status

We received 77 entries over the course of the one week during which we accepted submissions. You can read our first edition via Readlists, where you can browse, read, or download the collection of articles.

Further updates will be posted here.

Image credits: Bryan Mathers